The company ranked a distant third in the Venezuelan television market. Its image was old-fashioned, outdated, and, worst of all, scattered, although some of the programming was very popular. Moreover, as is a common practice of many Latin American TV stations, the company was using the physical attractiveness of their celebrities to engage the audience. NDG was called upon to redefine Televen’s image. 


NDG was spurred by international television stations such as ABC, Sony and Disney. These networks rely on the idea that content is king. Superior production values and effective corporate communications are of the utmost importance.


NDG created "The New World of Televen" a concept that included modernization of its image, new advertising campaigns, and a total redo of all marketing materials, including developing a novel way of using celebrities in promoting the station as a classier and more sophisticated network, radically different from local competitors. NDG wanted to emphasize human dignity and portray celebrities’ internal beauty as part of this concept.


The concept was so successful that after six years, it is still in use. Audience shares increased, employee morale soared, and a new, state-of-the-art headquarters was built.