Founded in 2005 by a Venezuelan fashion designer and entrepreneur, Kudzu had a clear vision of what they wanted to become – a label that stood for well-being and conscious living; a green brand. The challenge for Neri Design Group was expressing the company’s attributes in a cool and sophisticated way. 


Kudzu is also a climbing vine originally from Japan, As a result, NDG’s inspiration came from the colors and textures of nature. NDG designed a leaf to represent the brand.


NDG played with shapes, colors and textures to create different layers, unions and diversifications of their design that could be employed in the different collections, all under the umbrella of a sophisticated, organic and earthy brand.

This “sophisticated earthiness,” as it came to be known, was utilized throughout all of NDG’s designs – from the content on the website to the e-commerce platform.


Through exquisite design, Kudzu surprises and delights its customers in every detail. Today, Kudzu is a solid brand, aligned with its values and original purpose while constantly emitting a conscious, natural way of living in its labels, packaging, website and print material. Kudzu’s slogan, “Be conscious, be Kudzu” is represented throughout its product line.