A large supermarket in Venezuela, Excelsior Gama, wanted to launch an extension called Gama Express, a 24-hour convenience store offering the client a unique, secure, and quick shopping experience.

Neri Design Group (NDG) was called upon to create a corporate image for Gama Express and design a retail experience that reflected the values of the new convenience store while building upon the heritage of the parent company.


In fast-paced cities such as Caracas, inhabitants, like race car drivers in the Cannes Grand Prix, need a place for servicing and refueling their homes quickly and efficiently. NDG’s second source of inspiration was sunrises and sunsets that reflect 24-hour service. At the same time, NDG also needed to show that Gama Express provided a welcoming environment and guaranteed freshness.


NDG created an atmosphere that reflected vigor, advancement, and approachability without losing the link to its parent company’s reputation.

A total visual communications program was created based on the company’s historic use of red. However, NDG updated the design by expanding upon the color palette to include magenta, orange and royal violet that reflected the sunrise-sunset theme. The color combination was very distinctive in the marketplace. Bright yellow was additionally used in the word "Express" to communicate that the store was always wide awake to service customers. Finally, horizontal lines using the color gradation of the graphic were added to show speed and movement.

This concept was used in the basic logo, internal and external signage, décor of the interiors, uniforms, and products that carried the Gama Express brand. 


This "total design" concept revolutionized the shopping experience for on-the-go consumers. After working with NDG, Gama Express was ready to roll out fast and friendly facilities across the country that shared a strong and consistent image.