In 2011, La Querencia Farm, part of the Tropicalia Foundation located in Miches, Dominican Republic, started to commercialize its main products – honey, eggs and produce. Rooted in sustainability, organic practices and the use of local materials for packaging, NDG was called upon to create the logo and packaging of their products assuring to communicate these strong values.


The naïve and childlike simplicity of the Taíno Indians art which was carried out throughout all the package labeling and print material. Furthermore, for the honey product “Miel del Bosque” NDG was inspired by the beehives’ caretakers who carefully manage the apiary; and for the egg carton label, NDG used all the imagery of a happy, cage-free farm.


NDG created the logo and brochure, keeping in mind that the company uses exclusively local and sustainable materials.

Furthermore, NDG used only two colors that blended perfectly with the images created. 


With its new image, La Querencia was able to register their brand legally and start the commercialization process while staying deeply connected to their values.  This brand development also positively impacted employees and the Tropicalia Foundation, which now looks at La Querencia as a training center due to their commitment and best practices.

 La  Querencia is now helping Miches county become the top organic development area in the Dominican Republic.