The company was expanding by adding a new and faster ferryboat to their fleet, and with it new routes and more and better offices. They needed an image that reflected these improvements and modernization without forgetting their tradition.


NDG was inspired by seashells, the picturesque Margarita island and the ocean waves. 


NDG used a palette of colors in different tones of blue and aqua, that communicated the excitement of traveling and the fluidity of the sea. All these were applied throughout the offices, print material, and even the ship itself.

Moreover, all the offices were revamped to give them a new and modern look that took Conferry to the next level.


This renovated corporate image along with the new ferryboats positively impacted the market and consumers with a message of prosperity and growth. The new routes also increased tremendously domestic tourism in the country. 

Moreover, the change also had a positive impact internally, increasing employee engagement, all departments wanted to be revamped as well, the whole project infused enthusiasms throughout the company.