People thirst for stories that they can relate to. They are moved by common experience. Making the connection between brands and human experience requires sound strategy, fine composition, and artistry. And it requires people who can look at a brand from many angles, across many channels, and through many media applications. NDG gathers and synthesizes every facet of a brand’s character and brings it to life across every available (and appropriate) media channel.


As brand consultants, we are asked to take complex product profiles, technical information, and marketing strategies and weave them into simple, memorable, and relevant communications that appeal to diverse audiences. This requires gaining the perspectives of customers and employees. It means incorporating product history and technical descriptions. We also weave in corporate history and leadership personalities. This process transforms a ‘brand weave’ into a ‘brand tapestry’ — a marvelous visual and written communication that sparks interest, incites trials, and inspires loyalty among employees, shareholders, and customers.