A repositioning of their main software solution, ModelCenter®, into three distinct capabilities modules was required to provide more effective marketing and communication strategies to both existing clients and prospective new industry verticals.

Neri Design Group’s challenge was to create compelling, intuitive, and self-explainable Names, Graphic Representations, and Messaging that communicated the core Value Propositions for each of the three ModelCenter® capabilities within a six week timeframe.


Understanding that ModelCenter® capabilities software suite automates, integrates, optimizes, executes, accelerates, and manages all aspects of the model based engineering design process, NDG realized that the Sacred Geometry can effectively represent ModelCenter® capabilities. 

The Sacred Geometry communicates the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. These principles of interconnectedness, integration, and wholeness became the blueprint for NDG´s solution.


In order to portray the software solutions capabilities, we named them. ModelCenter® Integrate, ModelCenter® Explore and ModelCenter® Organize. These names clearly communicate the unique and essential value proposition of each ModelCenter® capability.

NDG built a Graphic System based on the Sacred Geometry and a color palette that reflects the harmonious integration of seemingly unrelated parts.

The different shapes represent the disparate systems that, when combined and integrated, create a simulation. The Sacred Geometry is what makes these dissimilar shapes seamlessly work together, as ModelCenter® does with the different systems used in simulation. Three graphical representations were developed for each ModelCenter® capability.



NDG provided PHOENIX® Integration with the visual literacy and effective and unique marketing communication solutions that enable PHOENIX® to stand out in the model based engineering design market. Now ModelCenter® capabilities and value propositions can be more easily communicated and understood by both customers and prospects across any industry vertical through its name and/or graphical representation. This will greatly assist Phoenix to achieve its desired growth objectives for the foreseeable future.


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