Ana Neri is a women's clothing brand that offers avant-garde, high quality and refined creations, based on limited collections. Experimentation is the great engine of the brand, wanting to surpass the limits of design, production and usability in all of the collections.

Moreover, Ana Neri is Positive Apparel. The brand draws on world-class textile techniques and their communities creating designs inspired by those techniques and environmental and social sustainability. In this way, the brand is built on the human value of the textile industry, giving an intention and story to each piece.

The challenge for Neri Design Group was expressing the brand’s values and attributes in a unique and sophisticated way while transmitting the designers’ adventurous spirit, her avocations of travel and sustainability as well as the rescue and preservation of antique textile techniques.


Our muse was the independent, fierce, adventurous and passionate woman who wares the pieces not only because they make her feel unique and powerful but also because their aware that by using them they contribute to social and environmental sustainability in an active way.

It’s all about clothes that are conceptual and avant-garde, but that make sense for real life, too. Moreover, It’s all about a telling story:

"Deciding to leave… the beginning of the story.

Full passion, my heart and memories in one suitcase.

A ticket with one destination: fulfill my dreams.

Say farewell, sometimes goodbye.

Open my wings and prepare to fly.

Look south and understand where I come from.

Face the north to know where I'm going. Because every story, every destiny

has a comma to continue…



NDG played with the punctuation mark: “comma” to create different layers, unions and diversifications of the brand design. The comma is a punctuation mark that indicates a brief pause that occurs within the sentence and separates different phrases that refer to the same subject. The comma after Ana Neri refers to that pause that generates expectation before everything that is to come, the pause before a trip, the pause before a great idea, the pause before a new beginning

Through authentic, intelligent and creative design NDG gave Ana Neri an exquisite look, creating a strong and attractive brand prepared for the future.



Today Ana Neri is a strong, attractive and timeless brand that effectively and consistently communicates the brand’s distinction, vision, and attributes.

In each element – packaging, labels, totes, business cards, wrapping paper, online channels – Ana Neri expresses a history, a path, an experience while emitting a conscious way of living for women all around the world.

Her pieces are sold in Mexico and Venezuela and the designer plans to broaden into more countries for 2018.