The Annual Assembly of the Latin American Banking Federation [FELABAN] is recognized as the Latin American event with the largest and most prestigious business meetings in for senior professionals in the financial sector. For five decades, the Assembly has attracted more than 1,800 bankers from 51 countries around the world and has proved to be an efficient way for leading financial institutions to do business with colleagues from around the world in one place.

In 2015, for its 50th Anniversary, FELABAN and the Florida International Bankers Association [FIBA], as organizers of the event, wanted to break the old paradigm and project an image of renewal, freshness, technological and digital innovation, which reflects the current banking trends. NDG was selected as the agency in charge of developing the creative concept of the 4-day event, to support its implementation, and thus connect participants worldwide and provide a more dynamic and interactive experience.


NDG created a different dynamic based on the idea of Connecting. Constellations served as inspiration given that the Assembly is the link that connects all the various financial services ecosystem participants enabling them to network, connect, shine, grow, and conduct business. NDG devised the concept: “FELABAN's 49th Assembly connects you with people in the right place and time to successfully achieve your goals."

Moreover, Miami served as muse for NDG; its palpable energy and constant vitality dressed in multiple vibrant colors, were the inspiration of a modern, fresh and innovative style to be developed and combined with the elegance and brilliance of this golden anniversary.



NDG developed the creative concept and image that would support this event, integrating all communications, from the beginning preparations to the event’s closure, and setting the standards for graphic and design direction of all the items involved: information booth, traditional and digital signage systems, meeting areas, "look and feel" of the website. Our goal was to maximize attendees’ experience, optimize their participation, strengthen the brand as well as and the FIBA - FELABAN relationship.

As for the graphic elements, NDG selected a color palette with blue tones, which represent the technological incorporation, and combined it with the color gold in honor of the Golden Anniversary. This fusion created a connection between the innovative yet conservative nature of the institution, showing the variety of their nuances and creating a timeless, friendly and modern image that conveys the elegance and prestige of the Assembly, as well as FIBA and FELABAN’s. Moreover, a grid of interlocking points represented the connection between different countries, institutions and participants gathered in one place.

The concept and the image developed were effectively implemented in all communication pieces, marketing elements, signs and spaces where the event was executed; aligning these activities and productions to the creative concept and responding to the proposed strategy.


FELABAN’s 49th Assembly was a resounding success, reaching the record number of participants of 1,950 people, mainly made up of bank presidents, senior executive management and other participants with strategic positions within the Latin American and global financial services industry.

NDG achieved a unique and memorable experience for organizers, exhibitors and participants, surpassing all expectations and has set the standard for future industry events. FIBA, FELABAN and all the participants said it had been an Assembly like no other with new energies and experiences.