An established family business aimed to turn itself into the number one full-service drug store chain in Venezuela, similar to Rite Aid or Eckerd Pharmacy in the US. At the time, each store had a different design, different displays – a complete lack of visual consistency.


US pharmacy chains and the happy and relaxing shopping experiences they offer became Neri Design Group’s muses. NDG wanted to reinvent the concept of pharmacies in Venezuela, offering multiple products and services that range from health and wellness services to consumer goods, photo studios, and much more.


NDG created a modern, forceful logotype that became the focal point for store design. NDG also set up standards for displays and POP material that unified the stores’ appearance, covering all the bases of the brand. The goal was to create a destination where customers could explore and shop in a warm and accepting environment.



Farmatodo is now the largest drugstore chain in Venezuela, with hundreds of stores throughout the country. Additionally, it has launched a series of in-house brands for goods such as diapers, shampoos, and hair care products, to name a few. For all of these products, NDG produced the packaging and ultimately changed the consumer perspective of private label products. NDG also provided Farmatodo with innovative product ideas, that have been launched and commercialized successfully. Farmatodo was so pleased with the results that it assigned NDG the task of designing all product packaging as well as signage for the company.