The Cisneros Group is one of the world’s largest privately held media and entertainment organizations in the world. They possess a wide range of companies under their corporate umbrella, but they did not have any communication materials that showcased the global strength and power of the Cisneros Group. In a very short timeframe – 28 days – NDG’s challenge was to gather, organize and present the company in a way that showed its reach across five continents.


Taking from the Cisneros Group’s logo, NDG was inspired by a diamond which represents power and strength, two core attributes of the company. NDG wanted the Cisneros Group to shine like that diamond and make it known that the company was already an international leader of the industry.


NDG looked at the Cisneros Group’s services and used that information to define the company’s brand architecture. NDG then created a capabilities catalog that presented the company as globally recognized and a powerful financial entity. The Cisneros Group’s attributes and services were displayed in an attractive and modern way, worthy of the remarkable organization the company had already become. The catalog was created in two languages and was printed and distributed in 28 days.


NDG created a unique, 40-page catalog that showcases the Cisneros Group. The catalog could be updated easily, which was helpful as new companies were acquired and others were sold. This provided not only the answer to the original challenge but also an inexpensive solution for keeping the content current.